Analysis, Design, Validation

As an internationally proven strategic partner in the rail system industry, we continue our new product design and development efforts.

We validate our designs with advanced analysis methods (such as hyperworks, hyperextrusion, ANSYS) and testing capabilities. Thanks to our test devices designed for the automotive and rail system sectors, we can check the safety and strength of our products.

Product Development

In its product development processes, Canray aims to anticipate new technological trends and offer differentiating products that meet efficiency, lightness, cost, quality and safety requirements. We work closely with key manufacturers in the rail industry when designing and manufacturing our products, from the early stages of development to final production.

Canray is constantly working to develop lighter tools. Mitigation is one of Canray’s main research areas. This is one of the most demanded requirements in the rail industry due to the need to improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.


We work with the principle of presenting ready-to-use products to the customer in the product groups we have produced. Although the number of sub-parts managed is quite high, we are able to offer products within narrow tolerance ranges, which are customer demand in the final product, since tolerance analyzes are carried out meticulously.

Project Management

We adopt a management approach in line with agile project management, team management, mastery of customer specific requests, solution and focus, proactive approach, and perfect customer experience, meeting the rail systems sector requirements with the PMI methodology.

Quality Management

Compliant with rail system standards; We serve as a strategic solution partner that our customers trust with IRIS ISO/TS 22163 quality management system, environmental sustainability, OHS, traceability, QDMS, digital transformation, green reconciliation, OHSAS 14001, 18001, EN 15085-2, DIN 6701 certificates and programs.


We continue to digitize at full speed in all our business processes, from design to production. In this context, we use our digital infrastructure in PowerBI, quality control, production and documentation processes.